Elegant Arbors and Not So Classic Chuppahs

The visual center of your entire wedding ceremony is, of course, the bride and groom, but whats surrounding the bride and groom is just as important. When I scroll through wedding photos and notice a bridesmaid slouching, or a groomsman picking his teeth it pains me. The number one thing I ALWAYS tell a wedding party is that they must always look lovingly towards the bride and groom because you never know what photo you may be in. Even worse than the wedding party however, who can be cropped out of the photo if need be, is a hideous arch, chuppah, arbor, floral arrangement, or whatever you choose because that will be in EVERY photo of the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony. It is important for a backdrop to be tasteful, not too large, and to match not only the decor, but the bridal gown as well. Many backdrops can be done very reasonably by dressing up a basic wire arch with some grandiose fabric, branches, flowers, or even jewels. If the bride to be is staying on a DIY budget, I always suggest some dried branches or some beautiful potted trees that can be reused in the garden later. Below, I have added some innovative and beautiful, edgy and elegant ideas.


About Events Unveiled

Welcome to Events Unveiled. We are a full service event coordinating company serving Northern California. This blog is full of creative ideas for the budget friendly bride as well as the Couture diva. It is a composure of ideas to make your day one of kind and unforgettable. For information on event services, please contact us at EventsUnveiled@gmail.com
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